How to Keep Cool on Your Harley in Hot Weather

Riding Harley motorcycle in really hot weather is possible unless you are well prepared for it. As a men or women Harley rider, you should know how the sweat cool down your body. Sweating is one of the ways your body regulates the heat. Evaporation will occur when then sweat released from the body onto the surface of your skin. Vaporization requires calories and the energy is drawn from the body, which will extract heat from your body. Then you feel cool. Then, let me give some tips to Harley riders for riding cool in hot weather.

For motorcycle riders, a long-sleeved, tight-fitting exercise shirt made of moisture-wicking material in high temperature days are useful for the sweat evaporation. This kind of material will help to draw sweat away from the body of bikers quickly. While normal materials can only trap the sweat to the skin, slowing the evaporation.

When the temperatures are high, Harley Davidson riders can wet down the clothing to provide a mount of moisture near the skin to be evaporated, thus extracting heat from the body of motorcycle riders.

All in all, the key to the evaporation is to keep bikers hydrated, because it requires much water when riding in hot weather. Then how to ensure hydration is important to bikers. First, motorcycle riders could wear a Camel back for a long ride. You can fill mine with half ice and half water before the ride. And remember to carry extra water. If you are carrying ice-cold water, don’t take in too fast. It will make your stomach very uncomfortable. You should swish it in your month to make the temperature get higher before swallowing all.

If motorcycle riders dehydrate in hot weather, the urine will become deep-colored and they will have a terrible headache. These are the signs to remind you that you are lacking of water. So drink often when riding in hot weather. The water mentioned here is just normal water. Just remember that caffeine and alcohol are diuretics which will force you to urinate and lose more water inside your body. And sugary drinks are also not recommended.

The last problem single bikers should pay attention to is the tar. Some countries use a tar-like material to fill in the cracks on the roads. When the weather getting hot, these will become slippery. Just avoid them if it allows. If it is impossible for bikers to avoid, just treat it as a large patch of ice. Pull in the clutch and coast through it.

Moreover, good sunglasses or a darkened visor are needed to prevent the strong sun glare. And remember to put sunblock on the back of you neck or somewhere else that is exposed on the sunshine.