4 Tips for Women Who are Dating a Man with Harley Motorcycle

Since you are dating a Harley man, then you surely don't believe what other people say about men who ride a Harley bike. Actually, Harley guys are friendly, helpful, honest and independent and they are ordinary people who happen to enjoy Harley Davidson riding. Just like you have your own hobbies. You want to keep a long-lasting relationship with your Harley boyfriend, then you have to get to know his world as well as his lifestyle. Only when you fully understand and get used to biker lifestyle, can you lead a happy life together.

1. Learn biker lifestyle
To know how Harley riders live their lives is essential for you to keep a good relationship. You can learn how to ride safely and comfortably on the back of the Harley bike with the help of your biker boyfriend. Ask your boyfriend take you to his long days of travel and short rides to get used to it and then enjoy it. If you are interested in riding a motorcycle, you can take a class or ask your boyfriend to teach you. It is for sure he will be willing to get you involved in his world. Learn different types and brands of motorcycles and keep yourself tuned in to current Harley bike events will also help you get the heart of your boyfriend. He will know you are dedicated to him and he will do the same thing for you.

2. Develop Confidence
Although Harley men got bad reputation out there, there are girls still want to hook up with them, especially when they attends a biker event or join a motorcycle club. It is possible for them to get lost and attracted by other girls. However, what you have to do is not to show your jealousy, but to develop your confidence in your relationship and yourself. This confidence will win him back. But if he hurts you and treat you badly, you have to make sure you will make him pay.

3. Make New Harley Friends
To know other men and women Harley riders who ride with your boyfriend and those in your his club will be the best way to get to know your special Harley match and biker lifestyle. Make new biker friends with other girls who are also dating bikers is another way to help you get used to this life. They will show you the tips and suggestions and show you how they get along with their boyfriends. Anymore, making more friends is always a good thing for you.

4. Know Your Limits
Your feelings are also important in a relationship. You cannot always take care of your Harley guy and ignore your limit. If you get headache when your Harley boy takes you to biker bars with loud music, ask him to go home earlier and make other plans next time. If you get really uncomfortable when you try hours on the bikes with your boyfriend, then you should do something else when your boyfriend go to a long days of biking travel. You cannot give up your life to cater for him.