Signs that Your Harley Rider Wants Your Attention

Today Harley dating sites will talk about a new topic that few single Harley riders think of but exists in the world of biker dating websites: so you met a motorcycle man or motorcycle women who appears to be the perfect ideal biker partner for you and who, sometimes, behave bizarrely. Sometimes your Harley man or Harley women act with an enormous amount of affection towards you in an...ostentatious way, but at most other times, your biker man and biker women will simply ghost, not reply your call of message. And you can’t understand what is going wrong or probably you have done something wrong. Here is a valid explanation to this situation, your male Harley rider or female Harley rider is possibly using you merely for attention. Want to make sure? Here are the signs that your biker babe is an attention seeker.

Your relationship develops too fast
After a few exchanges of lengthy sentences on free biker dating sites, your motorcycle babes ask to meet right away. And same thing happened after merely a few dates, your biker girls or biker dude ask you to be in a relationship with him/her, and you felf too flattered to think it through first, which end you up in this situation. There is an reasonable explanation for this, which is your motorcycle dude or motorcycle girls is just using for to gain attention.

He/she acts inconsistently in different situations
He/she might appear to be overly considering and affectionate towards you when there are someone else around, but when you got home with your biker chicks or biker guy, his/her face changes quickly. Or in the age of technology, it might be more obvious on social media: it takes your man biker or women biker ages to reply a single message, but every time you go on a ride on a Harley Davidson bike, he/she will definitely tag you once he/she is in the area covered by wifi.

He/she is obsessed with his/her phone, and taking selfies.
Always being scrolling the pages on social media and taking selfies is one of the most convincing traits of a attention seeker, therefore you should be alerted. If your biker gentleman or biker lady spends way too much time on taking a decent selfie, post pictures on social media and commenting on her friends’ post than actually spend time with you, the truth is he/she might want more the attention from others  than your love.

What he/she does always revolves around himself/herself
Let’s take a look at the common scenario of a motorcycle enthusiast on biker dating site: his biker girlfriend invited him to a fancy restaurant whose specialty was cake covered with peanut butter knowing that he’s allergic to any kind of peanut. After a long conversation, the biker chick finally revealed that she just want to post a picture in the restaurant ever single the veteran biker John. D had dinner here and the pictures went viral.

Now you probably have a general idea of what a attention seeking biker boyfriend or biker girlfriend look like, which will help you with your dating life in the future.