Things Biker Men Should Know When Dating a Biker Women

When it comes to dating, there can be a slew amount of questions lingering around in the mind of a tremendous amount of motorcycle men who are in search of another motorcycle women. The reason is more than clear: dating can be a rather tricky business as there seem to be thousands of question marks in the head of both Harley man and Harley women such as how to make the first impression? How to impress my single Harley rider and How can I take the relationship to another level, etc. Thus one of the most famous online biker dating sites has compiled a list of Harley dating tips for male Harley riders who are looking for a right female Harley rider.

How to make a good first impression? The key is to get to know your biker girl before even meeting her. Biker guys should go through your biker chick’s profile page to get a rough picture of what kind of person she is aside from a biker enthusiast who enjoys riding a Harley Davidson bike, then motorcycle guys can draw a conclusion of the kind of motorcycle dude your motorcycle girls might consider as attractive person. She’s into the stereotypical image of bad guys wearing ripped jean and leather jacket? Do it! But also keep in mind that you don’t have to be someone else that you aren’t for any biker babe. Last but not least, it is of vital importance to keep yourself clean by taking a shower, shaving as well as using deoderant.

Having the date at somewhere you are comfortable with

All your friends are suggesting you to have the first date with your Harley girls in a fancy restaurant where a piece of steak costs more than 100 dollars even though you are by no means a extravagant person? Then don’t do it. According to a recently conducted survey, 80% of the first date took place in a venue which makes the biekr gentleman and the biker ladies less comfortable went south. So arranging the first date in a familiar territory will do you a great favor.

Then, we are going to address the most important subject: attraction, which is the central rule to make things between the man biker and women biker going. Attraction is always compared with sexiness. And sexiness is universally known as confidence. Thus go boost your confidence right before the date by reading something that you are interested in, talking with your close friends and doing something that makes you feel comfortable.

Last but not least, make the conversation light, but also fun. You might be a CEO in a company or a physicist in a well known university. But don’t give off the image as a a boastful biker dude to your motorcycle babe on the very first date as it’s all about getting to know each other and keep the fire going.