How I Met My Compatible Harley Rider

How I met my love for life who also enjoyed the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle? Let me tell the real love story to the thousands of hundreds of biker guys and biker girls who are eager to meet the right male Harley rider or female Harley rider on online biker dating websites

It was on a sunny day where I met my wife for four years, instead of meeting her in a motorcycle rally or on a pre-organized, I met her on an online biker dating website. 

So, as you could imagine, our love story started from a cliché pick-up line sent from me: Hey! How are you doing? Well, stop judging because I know it is more than boring and plain to a point where almost no biker women or biker man will reply to this kind of greeting messages on free Harley dating sites now. However, what happened had greatly exceeded my expectations. I would never have expected that such a gorgeous biker chick would reply to this plain message with literally nothing special that is sent by a biker dude who was bored to death. Because I would imagine how many motorcycle dudes would be chasing after this motorcycle chick by flooding her mail box with a tremendous amount of love letters. When I asked her this question on our first date, after hours riding on Harley Davidson bike to experience the full joy and sensation of Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, she said: “because it was my first day registered on the free motorcycle dating site and you was the first Harley guy who has texted me. so I wanted to be nice”. I appreciated such honest answer and I also thanked god for how much luck I have gotten. Of course, then we took things to the next level after three months of spending the most quality together with each other. After a year, the online motorcycle dating service has invited us to write some online biker dating tips for the motorcycle guys and motorcycle girls to optimize their experience when they are looking for the right Harley chick or Harley dude. Also, on the day when the biker babe and I was selected as the year model biker couple for, I proposed to my motorcycle babe and after merely one second of being in awe, she said yes in years. 

All my Harley chick and I want to tell the rest of Harley motorcycle riders who are still in search for the perfect one, always be hopeful, and take initiative. Because literally everything could happen in the world of online Harley dating. Also, we shall never forget the essence of being a man biker or women biker online, which is all about being open-minded, be willing to embrace the unknown and step out of the comfort zone. That’s all about today and Jane and I are hoping to see the Harley chicks and Harley dudes soon!