The red flags you have to aware in a while dating a biker

The term “red flag” is not rare anymore in Harley dating world, Harley motorcycle riders use it almost everyday to indicate either words, behavior or characteristic that are off putting and drive your Harley women or Harley men away. Let’s get on board, all the motorcycle enthusiasts, it is time to head onto the most frequent red flags, assembled by a group of professional relationship counselors, that can be seen in the motorcycle community.

1. Those who have been cheated on for several times.
Every single Harley riders know to stay away from the frequent biker cheaters, but not aware of the risk of dating a biker lady or biker gentlemen who have been cheated on for more than ones. Which, in most cases, reveals some issues on your own Harley motorcycle date. Even not, your Harley motorcycle lover might not feel secure enough that she/he goes through your phone and get extremely jealous for fear of being cheated on again.

2. He/she takes things for granted, even it’s too trivial.
It might happen for once that your women Harley biker or male Harley biker forgets to say thank you when you offer to pay the bill. But if occurs more than once or twice, or even on a frequent basis, then you’d better date someone else who is passionate about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Unless you have no problem dealing with a Daddy’s little princess who happens to be live the lifestyle featured by motorcycle riding, don’t ever date a girl who doesn’t make contributions on a motorcycle date or thinks everything will be done by the other party automatically.

3. Dating someone who doesn’t appreciate your biggest passion.
For all the readers who are scrolling down the biker dating tips, there is no doubt that riding on a Harley Davidson biker takes a big part of their life. But when you happen to date someone who is not a fan of Harley lifestyle and far from riding on the back of the giant two wheeled machine enjoying the fun of motorcycle riding, remember that there is a huge void needs to fill in your relationship with someone who just keeps their month shut when it comes to any subjects involves bikers, motorcycle riding, motorcycle freaks and so on.

4. The friend type reveals something crucial too.
So let’s say now you are dating a sexy blond biker female who has everything that you’ve been looking for. But the first time she invites you to join with her best girl friends for a meal, you notice there is no girl who’s ever close to your girlfriend’s level. Looking at a bunch of plain looking girl with glasses on and a overweight body, you wonder if the perfect motorcycle lady that you’re dating is the extreme jealous type that always want to be in the center of attention?